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Competitive and recreational activities for individuals of all abilities

Fun for All

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Adaptive  & Inclusive

We provide adaptive recreational activities so individuals of all abilities and skill levels can participate. Some leagues are competitive, and some are just for fun. We also offer leagues specifically for younger participants. With us - everyone gets to play!

For those with disabilities, adaptive recreational activities offer the perfect opportunity to exercise, make personal connections, and achieve new accomplishments. 

We currently offer basketball leagues played in January and February. In the future, we plan to add even more year-round recreational opportunities. 

Therapeutic Benefits

Staying active while living with a disability is incredibly important for physical health and overall well-being. For children especially, it helps to improve behavior and self-confidence. Socially, adaptive sports help to facilitate meaningful interactions with family, friends, and peers while enhancing personal independence.

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A League of Their Own

We offer different leagues including a competitive league and one for younger participants.  This way, everyone can have fun no matter their age or desire to play competitively.



Interested in participating in our recreational leagues?

 Send us a message to learn more. 

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The Future

Our new facility will feature adaptive recreation facilities designed specifically for participants with disabilities. Amenities will include the Miracle League Baseball Field, an accessible playground, a covered sports court, a splash pad, and more.

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Fall Sports Festival

One of our most popular recreational events is our        Fall Sports Festival. In collaboration with Belmont University's Physical Therapy Department, participants and their siblings can enjoy a day of inclusion, fun and engagement with friends and family. 


Change the lives of the thousands of individuals with disabilities in Middle Tennessee. Your gift will make a lasting impact!





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