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Active Adults Accessing Adventures within the Community 


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The Day Dreamers adult program includes a wide variety of activities for individuals 18 years and older. Weekly activities include arts and crafts, recreation, field trips and more.


Activities are designed to help adults with disabilities learn valuable life skills, participate in volunteer opportunities, and build community with one another. 

The Day Dreamers program currently meets on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We plan to meet Monday-Friday in the near future!

Life Skills

From ordering at restaurants and paying for it themselves to choosing items at the store and checking out independently, participants get to learn and have new experiences they have never been offered before. Learning essential skills such as cooking, self-care, pet care and other household tasks enables adults with disabilities to gain confidence and become more independent. 


We create opportunities for adults with disabilities to develop social skills, grow as individuals, build friendships and connect to the community. Forming interpersonal relationships and engaging in the community helps participants find sense of worth and belonging as well as positively impacting the perception people may have towards people with disabilities. 


Our adult participants engage in cooking classes, volunteerism, field trips, crafts, sports, exercise programs, movies, and much more.

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Weekly Activities

Day Dreamer activities can include:


Fire Station Visits


Going to a Petting Zoo

Adventure Science Center 

Imagine That Art Studio

 ... and much more!

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Interested in participating in our Adult Program?

Send us a message to learn more. 

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Day Dreamer Wish List

Be a part of our Day Dreamer program by providing our most needed items from Amazon.

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Did you know?

26% of American adults (1 in 4) are living with a disability? The percentage of people living with disabilities is highest in the South.


Change the lives of the thousands of individuals with disabilities in Middle Tennessee. 

 Your gift will make a lasting impact for good.





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