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2020! How did we do it? With lots of help!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

An update on how things went in 2020 amid the pandemic and other challenges.

In 2020 with advanced safety measures and amazing teamwork, EMC provided 126 participants from 22 counties with 1,925 activity experiences including: The Snow Ball Dance, the Shooting Stars Basketball League in January and February, Friday Fun Fests, 6 weeks of our Summer Day Camp, Fall Sports Festival, the Pumpkin Prom, delivery of Christmas Care Packages, and our Day Dreamers Young Adult Program 2 days per week.

As part of this initiative, we adopted recommendations from the American Camping Association’s CDC Implementation guide following their “Best Practices” to maximize safety. These measures included, no outside visitors, temperature checks, a drop off/pick up lane with screening questions, enhanced disinfecting, smaller groups, handwashing/sanitizing between activities, wearing masks and social distancing. Each child had their own square for circle time, their own basket for personal items that was sanitized upon arrival, and their own bag of arts and craft supplies to avoid cross-contamination. Our participants and staff did a wonderful job adapting to the changes and our families were so incredibly grateful that we were able to have a calendar full of activities! It was another wonderful year filled with special memories!

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